It doesn’t matter how well you know your partner and how much you love each other. Marriage can be accompanied by various games. For this reason, when a couple starts living under one roof and they are usually at their best and in good behavior for the initial weeks. One of the great conflicts begins when the phase ends and the couple begins what leads to a normal life.

Gone are the days when parents looked for relationships for their children. Nowadays people find their own life partners and do love marriage. Which is also appropriate. Love marriage is not a big deal in today’s time. There is love and there is a struggle in it. At the same time, there are some love marriages in which distance starts with time.

In a love marriage, quarrels start after some time between the partners. It was not known when this dispute started over a small matter, it became very big. There is also a situation of separation in a love marriage. Today we are going to tell you some things that you should not do. Doing so can cause a rift in your relationship.

1. No time constraints

It is very important to give time to the partner. Just as you used to take out time for your partner or your love life before marriage, in the same way, you must take out time for your partner even after marriage. Your partner is as important to you even today, so make time for him even after marriage.

2. Counting Drawbacks

When you start looking for flaws in everything in front of you, there is a rift in your relationship, and love problems arise. You have loved your partner just as he is. So accept it as it is. Don’t sit down to count their mistakes. This will put tension in your relationship. If this is not taken care of, the fights will continue to escalate.

3. Not giving importance

Learn to value your partner and what they say. Often people do not understand the things of their partner as necessary and this becomes the reason for their quarrel. The controversy about this is increasing. Don’t make such a mistake either.

4. Ignore

Love marriage has happened, but it does not mean that you should ignore the things in front. Doing so weakens your relationship. As a result, fights start between you. At that time you can take advice from a world-famous astrologer.

5. Because of the child

In love marriage, there are frequent fights regarding the child. Parents often quarrel about who will take care of the child, who will go to school to pick him up. Don’t make such a mistake. Do not let the love of both of you diminish after the arrival of the children.