The fourth house is one of the most important houses in the birth chart. Usually, the best astrologers in Ahmedabad look at the fourth house as it is blessed with vehicles, houses, and peace of mind. Generally, the sixth lord in the fourth house is known as “Kapata Yoga”, which signifies the lack of deceit to become a thief. According to the best astrologer in Ahmedabad, the fourth house makes a person so lethargic and deprives him of mental peace.

Mars is the “Land Karak”, if Mars is connected to the 4th house, then the person will be deprived of happiness and will suffer from property-like transactions and according to the best astrologers of Ahmedabad many people are affected by this.

Moon helps the astrologer to understand the characteristics of the fourth house. Mars and Mercury are karakas for mothers. Therefore, both the Moon and the fourth house influence maternal happiness. It has been taught that when a child is born, God also appoints a ‘guardian angel’ to take care of the individual. A person’s mother will not be able to help him when Moon is afflicted. According to the famous astrologer of Ahmedabad, Moon rules the mind and Mercury decides certain emotions.

In conclusion, if the lord and house of the fourth house is free from any kind of inauspicious signs, then the person gets mental peace and happiness. Today most doctors suggest maintaining mental peace over physical health as it is interlinked. Stress is now known to have devastating health effects.