Love is a short but compelling word that is considered to be the most wonderful feeling, experience and gift of life. Man is happiest when he gets the true love of his life. When we are in love, we feel that there is someone who will never judge us and support us in every difficulty. It helps people to come out of sad and painful life and gives a new vigor in one’s life.
However, in the present scenario, almost all the couples face love problems. And to enjoy a smooth and peaceful love life, they look for permanent solutions to their love problems. Some of the most common problems are inability to find true love, getting cheated in love, being in one sided love relationship, instability in love life, problems in intercaste love marriage, not getting support of family members for love. Marriage, lack of mutual understanding between the partners and the list goes on.

Every love relationship requires some struggle in which some people succeed and some people fail. Anyone who experiences problems in their love life experiences turmoil and setbacks in almost every other aspect of life because of their confused and depressed state of mind.

In the birth chart of a person’s kundli, there are many fields which provide ample information about why the natives face so much stress and problems in their love life and what astrological remedies they adopt to overcome such issues. Huh. And enjoy a harmonious love life.

The 7th house of the birth chart helps to understand the marital alliance, commitment, love life and chemistry between two persons. This can give an idea of ​​how strong the bond between you and your partner is in terms of love and commitment to each other. The fifth house of the horoscope helps to know about the aspects related to intimacy, closeness and romance of the love life of the native. A study of the 11th house of the horoscope helps in understanding the ability of a person to maintain a long-term relationship with a partner.

Lovers usually face a lot of troubles and problems in their love life which can be solved with the help of astrology. Astrology provides various remedies, mantras and other powerful methods to get the solution of love related problems and to overcome the complexities of love. All individuals want to have true love in their life which can last a lifetime but love is a roller coaster ride which includes both happiness and trouble. Vedic astrology includes some successful and predetermined exercises for matching love compatibility, analysis of partner’s traits for better love life and focusing on planetary arrangement for a successful relationship.

It is believed that Mars represents men and Venus represents the traits of a woman. These two planets play an important role in defining the traits and abilities of individuals and in checking the future of love life. With the study of the different houses of these two planets as well as some aspects of other planets, sun signs and a Kund, professional astrologers can help the natives to resolve their love life issues.

Astrology is considered to be the complete study of various celestial bodies consisting of planets and stars and their effect on human life. The arrangement of these planets and celestial bodies has a great impact on various aspects of human life like education, love, career, marriage, health etc. If there is a harmful effect in the position of these bodies then it can harm the native. The same happens in love life, but with the help of astrology the negative effects can be eliminated.

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