We are all guilty of rapidly flipping through the pages to read the horoscope in the daily newspaper and weekly magazine and, I will confess guilty, the New Year magazine which also has the annual horoscope. Though this activity was mainly prevalent in my younger days. Nowadays, I check no further than my smartphone to blame the downfall of my life on celestial beings, like they say “blame our stars”. As much as we are keen to know our future, there is a science behind it all.

Astrology is a science that studies the positions of celestial bodies, which are said to have an impact on our lives and are used to predict the future. Astrology has existed since ancient times and many civilizations such as the Maya and the Chinese developed independent systems of astrology, but a common feature is that all these systems use the guidance of the stars to predict the future. Here we were describing.

Horoscope Information

If you are from the Asian continent, you would be more familiar with the birth chart that is created based on the exact time of your birth. A birth chart astrology is a map that shows where all the planets and stars were at the time of your birth. Astrologers use this chart to read about one’s fortune. But what is destiny? We all have heard that our destiny is determined after taking birth in this world, but can’t we change it? If so, how can we change our destiny? It may seem that in spite of everything your destiny cannot be changed as it is already decided for you but it is not so. If destiny is the ultimate goal then there must be a reason for it. That reason is Karma. Our deeds lead to our destiny and destiny is the effect of our deeds.

By being aware of your karma you can change your destiny to some extent. Astrology can play an important role in this as it provides insight into your future and tells you how your future is going to be. It can warn you of difficult times ahead in life and help you stay strong during your journey and experience.

How is your future astrology going to be?

Astrology can help us answer difficult questions such as “How to choose your future career?” We, humans, can fall for the temptations of glorified high status and the like in society. Being victims, we sometimes ignore our inner calling and can become blinded by a particular goal, career, status, and money. At such times, astrology helps to find a place in life and provides an explanation for our inner turmoil and desires. Rajesh Bhaii Joshi astrologers help us to find out in which direction we are going versus what we want. That doesn’t mean we have to strictly follow the path they show, as an ancient adage says, “The stars bend, they don’t force.”

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