Gupt Dhan Finder In Rajkot

Gupt Dhan Finder in Rajkot

In ancient times, people used to bury their wealth in a safe place in the ground and get scared due to the fear of thieves. There were no paper notes in that period. At that time gold-silver coins and seals etc. were used. Many times our ancestors used to go to heaven without giving any money. If you also feel that your ancestors left their money in the same way and you want to find and withdraw that money, then you can find that money and that place very easily. Also, you can also know that no snake or any kind of divine or divine power etc. is protecting the place where the money is buried. Or is there a guardian power that exists as its protector. So let’s know about the method of finding the money lying in the ground.

  • At the place where you are suspecting that the money is buried and you feel that the money has been buried there, first of all, clean and level the place and after that you should sprinkle Gangajal and cow urine at that place.
  • By doing this, the place which is impure becomes sacred. After this, take a white cloth of about 12 meters and after that spread the cloth on that place and put mustard seed on it.
  • If there is indeed wealth at that place, then the mustard grains will erupt and you will know that the money is definitely buried there. Because the energy of money buried in the ground keeps heating up like a fire. So by sprinkling mustard on that place it bursts.
  • Also, by doing this remedy you will not suffer any harm.

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