Aghori In Jodhpur

Aghori in Jodhpur: Discovering the Mysteries of the Aghori Way of Life

Jodhpur, a city located in the northwestern state of Rajasthan, is known for its rich culture and tradition. The city is home to many spiritual seekers who are looking for answers to life’s deepest mysteries. Among these seekers are the Aghoris, a group of ascetics who follow the path of Tantra and worship Lord Shiva.

The Aghoris are known for their unconventional lifestyle and their unorthodox practices. They are known to live in cemeteries and consume things that are considered impure by others, such as human flesh and excrement. However, the Aghoris believe that by embracing these taboo practices, they can overcome their fear of death and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Astrologer Rajeshbhai Joshi Ji is a well-known figure in the Aghori community in Jodhpur. He has spent many years studying the ancient scriptures and practicing the rituals of Tantra. According to him, the Aghoris are not practitioners of black magic as many people believe. Instead, they are seekers of truth who use their unconventional practices as a means to achieve spiritual awakening.

One of the most important rituals practiced by the Aghoris is the puja of Lord Shiva. The Aghoris believe that Lord Shiva is the ultimate reality and the source of all creation. Through their puja, they seek to connect with Him and attain His blessings. The puja involves the use of various sacred items such as flowers, incense, and sacred ash.

Another important practice of the Aghoris is meditation. They believe that by meditating on the divine, they can attain a higher state of consciousness and achieve spiritual enlightenment. The Aghoris also use various mantras and chants to aid their meditation and connect with the divine.

In conclusion, the Aghoris in Jodhpur is a fascinating group of ascetics who follow an unorthodox path to spiritual enlightenment. While their practices may seem strange and even disturbing to some, they are deeply rooted in the ancient tradition of Tantra and are seen as a means to connect with the divine. Astrologer Rajeshbhai Joshi Ji is a respected figure in the Aghori community and has dedicated his life to studying and practicing the rituals of Tantra.

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