Finance Problem Solution in Kolkata

Finance Problem Solution in Kolkata

In order to solve any of your finance related problems with the help of astrology in Kolkata, you need to submit a copy of your Vedic birth chart along with your name and the exact problems you are facing. If you are married then the birth chart of the spouse will also be very helpful in reducing/removing your financial pressures and money related issues and obstacles.

Vedic birth chart or birth chart (also known as birth horoscope) of a person gives abundant information about financial gains, financial stability and financial prosperity in one’s life. In general, the following are the most important houses of a person’s Vedic birth chart related to these financial aspects:

“Second House, Eleventh House, Sixth House, Tenth House, Ninth House and First House”.

And, the following are the most relevant planets for money and finance

“Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus”.

Many other astrological elements and factors are also responsible/reliable for the given financial status of the native, such as various Ascendants (Arudha Lagna, Indu Lagna, Shree Lagna, etc.). In this way, analyzing the position of the above houses and planets in the birth chart of the person, his financial problems in family or business can definitely be solved in Kolkata. Contact astrologer Rajshbhai Joshi in Kolkata to know more information, regarding the solutions to various financial problems.

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