Relationship Problem Solution in Delhi

Relationship Problem Solution in Delhi

We are clearing all the astrological causes of problems in relationships because it is said that the behavior of individuals is completely controlled by the planets in the horoscope. So if we want a solution to any problem then it is good to study the planets and then take strong measures.

Planetary Positions Responsible for Relationship Problems:

  • Horoscope always tells something so if we are facing relationship problems then it is better to consult a good love astrologer to know the exact reasons through astrology. Here I am providing some planetary positions which affect personal life.
  • If an inauspicious planet is present in the 1st house and it is aspecting the partnership house, then it can affect the relationship.
  • If the partnership place is affected by any type of Vish Dosha, Grahan Dosha, Sin Graha Dosha then the relationship is also affected.
  • Relationships get affected even if there is a Mahadasha of a malefic planet going on.
  • If there is a negative relationship with the place of happiness and partnership, then it affects the relationship as well.
  • If the owner of the partnership place is creating inauspicious effects then it will also spoil the relationship.
  • If luck is also not supporting, then the person has to face problems in personal life as well.

How astrology helps in solving common relationship problems?

When there are problems in any relationship then the following procedure is adopted by the astrologer to solve the problems arising in love life. In a short time all the problems go away. You can get common relationship problems and solutions by consulting our astrologer Rajeshbhai Joshi in Delhi.

The birth details of both the persons are required for analysis. Minute analysis is done to know the exact problems. After analysis, treatment is given through gems, worship, occult science. Everything is cleared via phone and email.

Therefore astrology is very useful to solve the problem of relationships. If you or anyone is facing problems in relationships, then do not worry, know through astrology and surefire remedies to get rid of relationship problems.

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