Tantrik in Raipur

Tantrik in Raipur

Love marriage is mainly used in South Asia, especially in India, Bangladesh, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai / UAE among other countries to describe a marriage where individuals are in love and marry with or without their consent. their parents. There is no clear definition of love marriage. It is generally used to describe a marriage that was the sole decision of the couple.

In India, the term love marriage is used to describe a marriage that is arranged by the couple with or without consultation with their parents or families. These marriages can break the barriers of caste, community and religion. Social barriers persist as arranged marriages are preferred over love marriages in most parts of the country.

In the 1970s, love marriages began to become popular in urban areas. Initially, love marriages took place between accepted communities. The boundaries between the two types are starting to blur. The term love-arranged marriage is used to describe a newly emerging form of marriage that includes elements of both arranged marriage and love marriage.

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