Career Problem Solution In Delhi

Best Career Problem Solution In Delhi

Astrology services for job or career problems usually include the following calculations and analysis related to the birth chart of the person concerned:

  • The tenth house of the birth chart and the owner of this house has a deep relationship with business. Again, the planet Saturn, which is said to be the karaka of business, is also extremely important. Therefore, the position of the tenth house, Saturn and the lord of the tenth house should be strong and conducive for building a successful, lucrative and prosperous job or career.
  • The tenth house will be strong and benevolent if it is occupied by a favourable zodiac sign (rasi), or a strong and helpful planet, or when the lord of this house is well situated in a chart with an auspicious sign. Also, for the tenth house to be strong, all the obstructive or disruptive effects of different planets on this house should be minimal or zero. The timing of getting a job can be determined by looking at the transit of the lord of the tenth house.
  • The other houses of the chart related to occupation and job prospects are fifth, sixth, ninth, second, eighth, eleventh, first etc. These houses should have strong and favourable planets for better job prospects. And the owner of each of these houses should be located favourably.
Apart from these, many other astrological elements and factors are also believed to deal with matters related to business, such as the presence of severe astrological doshas, ​​afflictions or yoga/doshas. To solve your career problems, contact Rajeshbhai Joshi in Delhi who has great knowledge of astrology.

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