Child Problem Solution in Pune

Child Problem Solution in Pune

Child prediction by horoscope in Pune. The world’s most important event in life is the birth of a child in our family. In Hindu culture, especially the child born of a son is considered to be of special importance. Today there are many families in which there is no difference in the birth of a boy and a girl. He believes that being healthy is more important for children to be worthy. Today it is a fact that girls are second to boys in proving their worth in any field. Child problem solution astrology in Pune, newborn baby astrology in Pune, child future astrology in Pune.

  • Determining the stage of the child.
  • What is the letter of your child’s name
  • Position of the planet and whether it is Mangli or not
  • Effect on native habitat and offspring
  • Child’s health and wealth

Auspicious positions in the zodiac through the fifth house or the center in the fifth house are in effect with a triangle, even though the child is learning to master learning and the child enjoys it. Sun father factor, the ninth event of father tells the house. Moon is the significator of old age, old age tells the position of the fourth house, therefore prefers to quote the Sun, Moon, the ninth sense, the ninth, fourth and fourth positions of the lord’s house when the parents get complete happiness and their progress Is good.

In the Ascendant Jupiter Chakra, when there is knowledge of force and age, not the planets in the eighth house, twelve auspicious planets in space, the Moon is strong, the Jupiter has a vision on the Ascendant or the Moon, Saturn is situated in the center, 6, 7 places from the Moon are auspicious. planet, therefore age is the ultimate happiness. If the tenth house and its lord Jupiter, the influence on the work of lawyer, doctor, counselor, minister is rich. The influence of Venus on fine arts, music, dance, fashion etc. is related to business.

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