Gupt Dhan Finder In Surat

Gupt Dhan Finder in Surat

Not everyone can get treasure. Whose luck is expected to get immense wealth suddenly, one can get the secret treasure. You get gestures of luck before you suddenly gain money. These gestures are felt in the form of small incidents occurring in or around the open eyes. There are many types of signs for money advantage. According to Ravana Samhita, dreams, omen and phonetics are among them.

Which people in particular feel miserable money-
  • Seeing a well in a dream is also a sign of finding a deep treasure. If you are going to find a gupt dhan in the ground, then often you will see a pit, small well or moat in your dream. The treasure hidden in the ground is often found only by those with a clean heart or those who have no deceit or treachery in their minds.
  • Some people are favored by Pitru Devta. Such people often see white snakes or lamps burning in dreams and those people suddenly find or feel buried wealth or treasure.
  • There are some special people who feel a lot of money or treasure, they are those who are born on the side of the feet, ie, the feet do not come out of the head at the time of birth.

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