Astrologer in Indore

Astrologer in Indore

Astrologer Rajeshbhai Joshi is a renowned Vedic astrologer and horoscope expert not only in Indore but in many other parts of the India. He is also known for making accurate predictions about certain political events. Kundli Expert has its main branch located in Ahmedabad. Their predictions are based on Vedic astrology where they study the position of different planets based on the horoscope or the time, place and date provided by it. He also provides ways for people to overcome problems and prevent themselves from them.

They have also made astrological predictions by changing the astrological rules to mathematical models. Dedicated 5 years of his life to pursue astrology and began to study, analyze and understand astrological principles. This journey of enlightenment has now transformed him into an astrologer and he has been practicing astrology professionally for the last 20 years.

According to him astrology is a science, which works on the principles of the position of different planets. The position of different planets in different houses plays a very influential role in people’s lives. To make accurate predictions, it is very important to have accurate information about its time, place and date of birth.

Astrologer Rajeshbhai Joshi, rightly points out that the horoscope created at birth or by providing the date, time and place of birth is very important because the horoscope is the basis for making any astrological predictions. A birth chart or horoscope is made by 12 houses, which control various aspects of life. The positions of the stars (i.e. 9 zodiac planets) are located in these houses according to the date, place and time of birth. The horoscope remains the same but the positions of the planets keep changing which will have an impact in the lives of the people.

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