Gupt Dhan Finder In Mumbai

Gupt Dhan Finder in Mumbai

Find such a treasure built in the ground, seems to be at stake

Where the soil smells like a lotus flower, wealth is hidden there, but obtaining such wealth is complicated.

Even though many scientific instruments have come to find the gupt dhan, according to Indian tantric texts, there are some signs which can be easily guessed by hiding hidden wealth in that place.

Prodigy chintamani

It has been said that where the soil smells like a lotus flower, there But wealth is hidden. Similarly, if eagle, crow, bacula or many other birds sit at a particular place, there is also money hidden in the ground.

It has been said in the scripture that if there are many trees in some place, but even in them, birds sit on one tree only. In this also, if each other enemy animals like eagle and pigeon are seen sitting together on that tree, then there is definitely money hidden in the ground at that place.

It is written in Kautuk Chintamani that even if there is no source of water around the land, it should not appear dry but moist. Also, if you get a sign of a black snake being found nearby, then there is money hidden in the ground.

How to get this Gupt Dhan

In this way, the stores of all the hidden wealth are often tied to mantras, which cannot be easily found. According to the Tantra scriptures, to obtain such wealth, by using special mantras, that treasure has to be freed from their invisible defenders. Many times it has to be sacrificed for the phantom or soul who is the protector of wealth, sometimes it is found without any hard work.

Getting this kind of money is dangerous

Secretly hidden in the ground, often proven by tantric methods is done. That is why a man needs to be equally strong with his mind to achieve it. If he loses courage anywhere he may die or he may go mad. It would be better to take shelter of an experienced Siddha instead of using it yourself.

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